Shine Through The Gloom


What do you get when a rising young star on the

verge of hitting the big time, suddenly finds himself out in the cold? What do you get when a talented academy player suffers a painful injury and then finds himself surplus to requirements? What do you get when an ex-professional player, well past his sell-by date, struggles to come to terms with life after the beautiful game? What do you get when a lad, so angry with the world, is intent on causing physical pain to just about anyone who stands in his way?

What you usually get is, a whole lot of nothing! Well, that's unless three remarkable coaches from Handley Park Rangers step into the breach.   



If right now you are considering buying this book, then my advice is DO IT!

This inspirational, uplifting, fun and emotional book is every boy and man’s dream!

It encapsulates the magic of the FA cup whilst releasing people not only to dream but also to believe in their dreams and go after them with purpose.

The central characters in this book have very different strengths, which when individually embraced, show the strength of positive shared relationships. These giftings, when joined help us achieve much greater things together.

There is something fundamental in a need for men to belong. Mark captures this unity in a powerful way, showing how to embrace differences, and celebrate life experiences.

I will be making my whole team read it and see if it helps us with our next FA cup run!

Darren Turney.

Vice Chairman Cleanslate FC


"I've read a great deal about football - most of the books I've read are fact-based. Autobiographies and behind the scenes.

So it was refreshing to try something different."

David Constant

Avid Fan of Football


Using a picture of my late father as a basis for my book cover has been a great joy to me. Steve Smith, a local artist from my hometown used the old 1960's picture and created a wonderful illumination of light that would accentuate the silhouette of the men battling for air supremacy. Soon after the talented people of "The Outstanding Web Co" created a vibrant book cover which I believe sets just the right tone.    

A worthy cause to support



What a privilege it is to be able to support . For every copy of "Shine Through The Gloom" sold on Amazon I will donate 2.5% to their Charity Reg No: 1110621 and SCO44347.