It was the boxer, Mike Tyson who coined the phrase: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Whilst that may be true of the pugilists amongst us, what about the average bloke on the street? What's his game-plan?

Football's a funny old sport, isn't it? The game may still be described as a thing of beauty but sometimes shouldn't some of that beauty shine from within?

"Shine Through The Gloom" offers an indelible strength proving what can be achieved when men are challenged to think and believe way beyond their remit of ability.

This novel introduces you to everyday characters who jump off the page and challenge you to aspire to the greatness within your own life.

Characters like Mark Dellany Smith - otherwise known as "the running man;" an ex-prison chaplain that's been around the block more times than he cares to remember. Or the man mountain that is - Clay Jackson, who's so big he doesn't keep goal for Handley Park Rangers - he fills it!

So why not take the time and allow the story to unfold about a group of men that chose to not go fast by going alone but instead chose to go far by going together. 

Shine Through The Gloom

ISBN 978-0-9956837-3-0

Ever since the owner of Handley Park Rangers had run off into the night with the club's family silver, things had looked pretty bleak. Add to this the fact that everyone saw them, quite frankly, as nothing more than a laughing stock and that, just about sums up the situation! "Question is," said Tony Jeffs, head coach; "are you up for the challenge?" John fell back into his chair and clenched its wooden arms in preparation for a quick exit. His thoughts of; "beam me up snotty" were soon interrupted by the third member of the crazy gang who stepped forward; "don't worry lad. I get the fact that an ex-premiership player like yourself wouldn't want to get his hands dirty. After all, who'd want to blemish such a distinguished career hanging with a bunch of no-hopers like us?" Silence descended for what felt like an eternity as John pursed his lips and toyed with the idea of slumming it in the lower leagues. He couldn't he thought to himself, he just couldn't. But for some reason the little fella, they referred to as "the running man" was getting under his skin. It wasn't what he said! It was how he said it that had the desired effect. Finally, all four men turned to face each other.............