• Mark Crabtree

A Major Bull & Cow (Row) March 11, 2016

So this chap has just dropped his gang (children) off to go and buy; one of, if not, the most expensive chocolate milk-shake in the world. Our chap’s parked in a private car park just off a small high street in a small market town. He’s shooting the breeze with his teenage son, parked up adjacent to a converted, 4 storied industrial building. They’re right by a sash window that’s slightly ajar as this particular autumn day was glorious. Their discussion is focused on the recent controversial comments made by a couple of pundits from MOTD but is soon interrupted by a pretty heated discussion. Our chap and his son both look at each other in surprise as this particular discussion is getting way out of hand, in fact, most, if not all, of the language being exchanged would have been enough to make a docker blush! The conversation is coming from inside the sash window between a man and a woman. The heated exchange is both frantic and fast and seems to build up in the form of a swell before cascading down in intensity. The voices range from desperate to out of control anguish interchanging at a moment’s notice. They are both uncontrollable; not caring who is listening and it is obvious that neither one of them are prepared to back down from their high-horse. Our chap’s concern is the possible use of violence as the man inside seems intent on breaking the will and the spirit of the woman, instead, the man chooses to take his anguish out, with his fists; on either a door or a fridge and that is where the row ends. Within minutes a side door opens and a young woman appears with three young children in tow. The look on our chap’s face, with jaw, dropped, as the woman walks past must have been enough to let her know how shocked and dismayed these passersby were. Silently she boarded her children in her car and was gone. To our chap, there seemed no sign of emotion on the woman’s face as she drove past. The story ends there.

Our chap is troubled initially by what he has just experienced but secondly because he felt so helpless. Thoughts go through his mind of what he could or should have done, coupled with the grave look on those young children’s faces that were now ingrained into his memory bank which in turn stirred emotions from past experiences as a kid listening to the intense arguments of his mother and father. Our chap shakes himself from his thoughts of the past and looks at his teenage son and then realises that his son has never witnessed such a commotion. “Are you all right?” he asks. “No I’m not,” he says and goes on to suggest that they should both go and see the man inside and threaten him. “I know,” says our chap but in the long run what will that achieve. Nobody wins. Why not instead learn from this experience: Be the best you at all times even when no one is looking. Let your actions speak louder than your words and may others be challenged by your by your positive actions rather than your judgement as that serves no purpose. Oh and make sure you engage with those around you, infiltrate their world and do all you can to help them up their game and be the best man they can be. You never know you may just be the catalyst they need in their life right now.

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