• Mark Crabtree

I'm Alright Jack July 29, 2014

Why as blokes do we always make out that we are okay? Say, for example; if we have had far too much to drink, why do we try and convince all of those around us that we are still in control. If we are physically hurt; bar a limb falling off or feeling the need to roll around in the penalty area - several times, do we make out that we are okay? If an intimate relationship ends sourly; why do we give the impression that the girl meant nothing to us anyway. If we are lost, we'll never ask for help - Oh no wait a minute, we just need to find our bearings or yeh I'm sure it's this way. If we are ill (man flu aside) we'll never go to the doctors. If we are struggling with life at home - we'd rather sit in misery than share it with another. If someone has spoken out of turn - we'd much rather bottle things up and bury the feelings (on top of all of the previous burials). If we have a need, instead of asking for help we'd much rather struggle alone.

Chaps; something has gone awry here. As kids growing up if we were upset, we would fill our boots and cry and probably run to mum or dad. Question is - when and where did we decide that it was okay to be icemen - to let nothing effect us or get in under our guard. When did we decide to adopt this "Man Up Culture" and suck it all up and make out that everything is fine and dandy? Problem is; "It is not all okay," we do get upset, our feelings do get hurt, we do feel pain, we can feel empty and alone. So, here's the thing; What would happen if, for a minute, we decided to let down our guard (I know chances are you'd feel stupid and vulnerable) and let a fellow human being know that we needed some help. I know it's a big ask but maybe you might start to feel a little lighter and less stressed. So go on give it a go, I dare you!

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